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Welcome to the Women’s Health News Desk (WHND)

Jane Akre, Editor WHND

Jane Akre, Editor WHND

Before the Verdicts – Health News Now! 

Much of the news you will see on these pages is hidden in courtroom documents that will see the light of day someday. When it comes to your health- we believe that day should be today!  One of our first projects is the talcum powder/ovarian cancer link which is currently being litigated.

Greg Vigna, MD, JD, founder of Life Care Solutions Group and Jane Akre, founder of Mesh Medical Device News Desk today launch a collaborative effort to educate, empower, and assist catastrophically injured women with ovarian cancer, who were exposed to Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder containing Talc.

The mutually agreed goal of this venture is to provide injured women with the tools and information they need to understand the nature of their injuries, and receive help. Women affected by Johnson & Johnson talc products will need to work closely with their medical providers to obtain medical care, and will also need legal representation to protect their interests in what may become protracted litigation against Johnson & Johnson.

Trusted Women’s Advocates

The public has learned about mesh complications largely through law firm advertisements but
the story behind the solicitations remains largely untold. “Putting a Face on Adverse Events” is the mission of Mesh News Desk and its role has expanded as more information becomes available.

The public is just now becoming aware that many medical devices do not undergo the same scrutiny as prescription drugs and are instead grandfathered in under an FDA loophole that has gone largely unchanged since the 1970s. As a result, patients become the post-market clinical trial subjects, and many suffer devastating and permanent injuries. I believe this is one of the most incredible public health issues of our day!

Dr_Greg-VignaPlease contact Dr. Greg Vigna to discuss your needs and our services. The practice is available 24/7 to answer questions and get these very important cases prepped for settlement as efficiently as possible. Phone: 800-761-9206 or Click Here to visit the website

Information that appears here is not intended to substitute for legal or medical advice from professionals. Also be forewarned, anything published can be subject to discovery demands for litigation so please thing twice before hitting a “send” key. Extremely personal information may be best shared with your legal and medical professionals.

My Interest in FDA and Surgical Mesh

I first became acquainted with the issues in 2009 and produced a series for Injuryboard called,  Suffering in Silence, Part 1-4  (here) where I interviewed many men and women who are suffering the effects of synthetic mesh used for hernia repair and female pelvic floor reconstruction.

My Background – I have been a journalist for nearly 30 years working as a broadcaster, anchor and reporter at stations all around the country as well as CNN. I’ve won numerous awards including the Society of Professional Journalists Award for Ethics as well as the Goldman Prize, North America 2001 for environmental reporting. My husband and I challenged News Corp after it tried to suppress a story about synthetic bovine growth hormone used in much of the nation’s dairy supply. The litigation lasted eight years and included a jury award after a 5 week trial and an appeal of that decision.

Understanding the way the FDA approved rBGH is very similar to the way some medical devices slip through critical scrutiny by a federal regulatory system that sometimes feels more like the tail wagging the dog. Our story was told in the film, The Corporation, see a clip (here).  My bio appears on Journalism Juice website (here).


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