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Alishia Landrum from Post & Courier, May 6, 2018

Women’ Health Litigation- Please enjoy this excellent and thorough article on women’s health and the link to ovarian cancer, provided by reporter Lauren Sausser of the Charleston Post and Courier on May 6, 2018.

Sausser covers both sides of the issue and begins with a profile of Alishia Landrum, who at age 46, is among thousands of women who have filed lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson over the evidence that links the repeated use of talcum powder to cancer.

For its part, J&J and its attorneys rule out a link to cancer and paint injured women as greedy opportunists.  J&J adds it hasn’t paid a dime to plaintiffs which is true.

Not yet anyway, despite nearly $1 billion in verdicts against the company, which have all been appealed.

Please enjoy reading the rest of the article here.


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